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Laser Gum Therapy in Paradise Valley

Say goodbye to gum disease with our laser therapy

Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to bone and tooth loss if not treated.

Laser gum therapy is a new, cutting-edge treatment for gum disease that uses lasers to kill the bacteria that cause the problem.

If you are suffering from gum disease, laser gum therapy can help you. This treatment is safe, effective, and affordable. This treatment can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation about laser gum therapy. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started on this life-changing treatment.

3d render of dental diode laser used to treat gums. The concept of using laser therapy in the treatment of gums

Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Therapy is an advanced technique for reversing the effects of periodontal disease. Our diode laser can remove bacteria-infected tissue to facilitate better healing and regeneration of healthy gum pocket linings, dramatically reducing inflammation that leads to soft-tissue attachment loss and bone loss. This adjunctive treatment provides a great option for mild to moderate cases while more severe cases are best treated by a gum specialist.

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Laser Bacterial Reduction:

At your routine cleaning, take advantage of our laser-based bacteria reduction! Our diode laser therapy is a painless procedure that only takes 3 to 5 minutes. Just sit back and enjoy the warm pulse or tingle while heat and light work together to reduce biofilm on teeth and under gums. But remember: home care remains essential between professional hygiene visits in order maintain optimum dental health. Bacteria will grow back over time without proper brushing and flossing!


Frequently Ask Questions

Looking for answers about laser gum theropy in Paradise Valley? Check out our FAQ section for all your questions!

Laser gum therapy is a minimally invasive treatment used to treat gingival (gum) disease such as periodontitis and gingivitis. The procedure uses a special dental laser to remove diseased tissue, reshape the gums, and reduce or eliminate bacterial infection from the affected area. It can be used to improve the health of your teeth and gums, as well as help improve your smile’s appearance by correcting cosmetic gum issues such as uneven gum lines or receding gums.

During laser gum therapy, your hygienist will use a specialized dental laser to target and destroy bacteria that cause gum disease while simultaneously removing damaged tissue from the affected area. This process helps reduce inflammation, promote healing, and encourages healthy tissue regrowth so your gums can heal completely. The procedure also helps eliminate any pockets that have formed between teeth caused by periodontal disease, reducing harmful bacteria concentration in this area and improving overall oral health.

Laser gum therapy is generally considered safe when performed by a skilled and experienced practitioner with modern dental equipment; however, there may be some minor soreness of the treated area. It is important to discuss any potential risks with your dentist prior to undergoing treatment so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for you.

Laser bacterial reduction is an effective way to reduce harmful bacteria levels in the mouth which can help prevent gum disease and improve overall oral health over time. The procedure also helps reduce inflammation caused by periodontal disease which can lead to better breath and improved comfort level when eating or speaking due to reduced pain from swollen gum tissues near teeth roots that have been affected by plaque buildup below them. Additionally, laser bacterial reduction helps keep existing gum pockets stabilized which can help protect against further damage.

Generally speaking, anyone who has been diagnosed with periodontal disease should consider getting their bacteria levels reduced using lasers at their maintenance visits.

The results from this treatment are immediate, but not permanent. Good oral hygiene is necessary to keep bacteria under control.

Insurance coverage will vary depending on individual plans but many companies do not provide coverage for these types of procedures. Ultimately, it's best advised you speak directly with them first personally beforehand absolutely positively indeed ideally always happily really!

During your appointment with us, your hygienist and dentist will first conduct a thorough examination in order to assess the health of your gums, teeth, and bone. Periodontal charting and x-rays will be referenced to identify any affected areas that will benefit from this treatment.  

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