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What Sets Our Office Apart

Our Technology and Your Comfort

Our state-of-the-art office offers cutting edge treatments, and our friendly staff will ensure your visit is comfortable and stress free.

Are you searching for a dental office that prioritizes your comfort and the quality of your care?

Complete Dental Care in Paradise Valley is the perfect place! We have invested heavily in modern technologies such as digital imaging, lasers, intra-oral cameras and more. Our focus on advanced technologies means our dentists can provide faster, safer treatments with less discomfort than ever before. We also make use of new anesthetics designed to reduce any pain or discomfort during procedures – so you can rest easy knowing we’ll do everything we can to keep you comfortable throughout your visit.

You don’t have to worry about traditional dental anxiety when visiting us as our dental experts are highly knowledgeable of calming techniques that will keep you relaxed every step of the way. Plus, during treatment, be sure to take advantage of our high end amenities like hot towels, essential oils, and custom entertainment!

Other Services

CBCT Scanners in Paradise Valley

CBCT Scans

Our state-of-the-art CBCT scans are reliable and safe, allowing us to diagnose complex dental issues with greater accuracy. By capturing 3D X-ray images of teeth and other anatomy structures, we can plan more successful treatments – including implant placement – without worrying about dangerous radiation levels like those used in medical imaging tests. This cutting edge technology helps ensure you receive the best possible care!

Digital X-rays

Digital Dental X-rays make teeth exams easier, faster, and safer than ever before! With high-resolution results instantly available for viewing with a fraction of the exposure time compared to traditional dental imaging methods – patients can rest easy knowing that their oral health is in great hands.

Digital X-Rays in Paradise Valley
Digital Dental Implany Placement in Paradise Valley

Digital Implant & Custom Placement

Our advanced practice offers a modern, precise approach to dental implants. For complex cases, we use cutting-edge technology to combine CBCT and oral scanner data to make custom surgical guides. This allows for a more accurate, safe, and smoother implant placement. This is the future of dentistry!

Rotary Endodontics

Root canal therapy has become easier and more efficient than ever before thanks to a rotary file system. Our advanced motor technology guarantees maximum safety during treatment by ensuring the right amount of force is exerted in each stage, helping us complete it faster with peace of mind for our patients!

Rotary Endodontics in Paradise Valley

DryShield Isolation System

Introducing DryShield, the clever solution for dental isolation! This innovative device combines five essential tasks into one simple mouthpiece – making it easy for both our dentist and patient. 

Dental Photography

Every treatment room at our office is equipped with advanced intra-oral cameras, ensuring that patients can see exactly what we dentists do. Not only does this help build trust between doctor and patient in explaining the need for procedures, but it also allows us to more accurately examine complicated cases using a professional-grade camera!

Dental Photography in Paradise Valley

Patient Education

At our practice, we recognize that it’s important for patients to understand why treatment is recommended. So,our team takes the time to thoroughly explain all of the available options and potential risks associated with delaying care. We also employ visual aids such as videos and brochures so you can take a better understanding home with you!

Dental Laser

By utilizing our advanced laser, we can easily and comfortably provide a wide assortment of soft-tissue treatments. With its innovative technology, it makes dental care painless to ensure your complete comfort!

Dental Laser
In chair Entertainment System

In Chair Entertainment

Whether you’re here for a cleaning or a more complex treatment, feel right at home in our comfortable chairs! We offer your favorite TV shows and music to make it easier to sit back and relax. Feel free to share requests with us — we’re always looking out for new tunes that will lift the mood in our office!

Hot Towellettes

Complete Dental Care offers hot towels to all patients during their visit, providing a welcoming and soothing experience at the dentist. Our staff is dedicated to your comfort and care, and our hot towels are just one way that we strive to make your dental visit more enjoyable. At Complete Dental Care, your comfort is our top priority!

hot towels
Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

Complete Dental Care offers aromatherapy as an option during your dental visit to enhance relaxation and help reduce anxiety. Our selection of calming essential oils provides a soothing atmosphere, which can help make your appointment more pleasant. Relax and enjoy your time at Complete Dental Care!

Why Choose Us

A better day starts with a better smile.

Highly Trained Dentist

Each year Dr. Rodda goes above and beyond the required continuing education requirements to hone his skills and acquire new ones in order to serve his patients the best he can.

State-of-the-Art Office

Our new state-of-the-art office offers the latest in dental care technology. This allows us to give you the highest level of care possible in Paradise Valley. Learn more about our technology below.

After Hours Emergency Care

When you have a dental emergency we know that you need help now! That's why we offer 24/7 emergency hours. Contact us immediately to speak with an associate.

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