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TMJ & Bruxism

TMJ & Bruxism Treatment in Paradise Valley

Dealing with Jaw Pain and Teeth Grinding? Our dentists can help.

Do you experience jaw pain caused by TMJ or Bruxism?

TMJ & Bruxism Treatment in Paradise Valley AZ can help! We’re experienced in treating conditions that cause jaw pain, such as TMJ disorder and bruxism. Our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs and helps you get relief from your symptoms.

Don’t suffer from jaw pain any longer! Our treatments are proven to help people just like you get relief and start enjoying life again.

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TMJ & Bruxism Treatment

What is TMJD?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) is a condition that affects the movement of the jaw and nearby joints, muscles, and nerves. Common symptoms include

  • pain and discomfort in the face, neck, mouth, or jaw;
  • difficulty chewing or speaking;
  • limited opening or locking of the jaw.


It can occur after trauma or injury to the area but can also be caused by excessive amounts of stress or habits such as grinding teeth during sleep.

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How We Treat TMJD

Treatment for TMJD typically involves physical therapies such as massage, relaxation techniques to reduce stress, medications to reduce inflammation and swelling, gentle exercises designed to increase flexibility in the jaw muscles and ligaments, or the use of orthodontic devices such as an occlusal splint to help maintain proper alignment of the jaw joint.

With a combination of treatments prescribed by your healthcare provider most people with TMJD can find relief from their symptoms.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a common disorder that causes people to unconsciously grind and clench their teeth, usually during sleep. It is estimated that 8-31% of the population suffers from this disorder, making it one of the most common sleep disorders. The primary cause of Bruxism is thought to be stress and anxiety, although other contributing factors may include jaw structure or malaligned teeth.

Furthermore, substance use, particularly alcohol and tobacco, has also been suggested as an aggravating factor related to this condition. Chronic Bruxism can lead to painful physical symptoms such as headaches and facial pain, as well as causing permanent damage to the enamel of the teeth which can eventually lead to gum recession, tooth sensitivity, and loss of teeth. It is important for individuals who suffer from this condition to seek treatment in order to prevent long-term damage.

How We Treat Bruxism

Complete Dental Care in Paradise Valley takes bruxism very seriously and has a variety of treatments to help our patients.

To treat bruxism, our experienced dentists use a combination of procedures that can include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, biofeedback, and even mouthguards to protect teeth from grinding.

Additionally, we may also offer counseling resources so that other known factors such as stress and anxiety can be addressed and managed better than before.


Frequently Ask Questions

Our patients have lots of questions about TMJ & Bruxism in Paradise Valley.  Take a look at our FAQ or send us a message & we will get you an answer as soon as we can.

If left untreated, bruxism can lead to problems such as headaches, jaw pain/discomfort, earaches, broken teeth/fillings, receding gums and damaged dental work due to excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth over long periods of time. There can also be complications related to misalignment of teeth resulting from prolonged teeth grinding/clenching activity during sleep.

The amount of time needed for results will depend on the specific treatment plan prescribed by your doctor based on your individual circumstances; however in general most people who follow their treatment plans closely will start seeing improvements within 2-3 weeks after starting treatment with significant progress being made within 6-8 weeks after starting treatment plans in conjunction with regular follow-up visits for further assessment and adjustments where necessary. 

Side effects are not common when undergoing Bruxism Treatment; however some people experience temporary discomfort when using mouth guards/dental splints initially which usually improves over time when used correctly according to instructions given by your doctor/dentist/orthodontist etc.. Additionally mild soreness & fatigue in facial muscles might occur after physical therapy exercises specifically designed for Bruxism Treatment; however this should subside within 24 hours following exercise completion without any lasting issues.

Yes, many insurance companies provide coverage for treatment related to TMJD including physical therapy sessions and medications prescribed by physicians related with this condition. However, it is best to check with your individual plan's coverage before starting any courses of treatment so you are aware of what expenses you may have.

Yes - it is important not only to follow recommended treatments but also make sure you avoid certain activities which may worsen your condition such as hard chewy foods which require too much movement in one's jaw; biting nails; smoking tobacco products ; chewing gums excessively ; excessive use of cell phones ; activities requiring too much head movement like roller coasters or bungee jumping; contact sports which could result in traumatic injury around one's face and neck area. 

Your dentist can definitely assist you in diagnosing your disorder through an examination of your bite pattern together with palpation tests on their jaws . Additionally they can provide guidance regarding lifestyle changes needed to manage bruxism / TMD issues such as reducing alcohol consumption , quitting smoking if applicable , avoiding caffeine late at night etc . Depending on severity they can also offer recommendations regarding specific splints or night guards aimed at preventing grinding habits during sleep which often worsens this disorder.

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